Keep the Estonian Sea Tidy

Keep the Estonian Sea Tidy Association (KEST) is a non-governmental not-for-profit organization focusing on marine environment protection in Estonia and in the Baltic Sea region. KEST was established in 1993. KEST’s members include ports and guest harbours, municipalities and companies engaged in environmental protection (as supporting members). KEST’s target groups are local governments, associations and companies administering ports and beaches as well as the individuals who visit those places. A large target group consists of teachers and students.

KEST´s main actions to attain its goals:

  1. carrying out environmental monitoring and research, developing environmental monitoring methodology
  2. initiation and coordination of clean-up actions
  3. collecting and disseminating environmental information through publications, its website, media reports, etc
  4. organizing training and information seminars for interest groups about environmentally sustainable practices, incl. the development of waste management
  5. passing on international information and participating in a range of projects as a cooperation partner
  6. providing cooperation networks with the information available to us
  7. putting together and publishing auxiliary and information materials
  8. involving people of different ages and interests in (practical) nature protection
  9. promoting Estonia as a European recreational boating region